My scholarship and teaching are intimately intertwined because they inform and complement each other. I see the classroom as an opportunity to support students who come from different backgrounds, sets of experiences, and worldviews. The classroom should be welcoming and engaging. 

  •  Teaching Certificate from the University of Pennsylvania Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Multiple Teaching Assistantships at Penn:  “Public Policy Process” (Dr. Matthew Levendusky, Spring 2016, Fall 2014), “Introduction to American Politics” (Dr. Marc Meredith, Fall 2015), and  “Race and Ethnic Politics” (Dr. Daniel Gillion, Spring 2015)
  • Statistical Software Consultant at the Penn Library: Assisted with statistical software packages R, Stata, and SPSS as well as developed an Introduction to R and Introduction to Stata materials (here).   
  • R Learning Group: Explore recommended resources and the topic listing to begin using R (here)   

These experiences shape the three core principles of my teaching philosophy:



Excite students about the course material by connecting it with contemporary examples and popular culture.


2 Educate

Use a mixture of teaching techniques that are responsive to the needs of students and foster confidence to tackle the material. 



Political science provides students with a set of skills, analytical and methodological, that enable them to thrive both inside and outside the halls of academia. 

Patricia is very enthusiastic and an absolute joy to have as a recitation leader. She is very intelligent and gave us a wholesome understanding of the course. In all honesty, she should teach the entire class, she made the material interesting and fun. I always looked forward to going to recitation.
— PPE 202: Public Policy Process
She was incredibly passionate about the topics and in turn energized the class to be as excited about the material as she was. I looked forward to recitation every week.
— PSCI 130 Introduction to American Politics
Patricia is crazy passionate and that inspired me to work harder.”

”Her style kept us engaged and brought together the course material with readings and current events. She was able to stimulate really interesting discussion and made us argue more effectively
— PSCI231: Race and Ethnic Politics